Imagine that you are swimming in an ocean, free from any weight holding your life back.

Gyrotonic gives you the feeling of floating like a feather while at the same time, strengthens your muscles, creates space in your joints and helps your bone structure.
It teaches you how to understand movement from a different perspective.

This methodology involves the use of unique custom-made equipment and includes both weights and pulleys.
In contrast with other exercise modalities, in Gyrotonic the use of weights doesn’t go against your body, instead, they help to support your body through circular movement, traction and push and pulls. The more you progress into the method, the more traction and support the machine can give you to make the graceful movements challenging, even for a professional athlete or dancer.
In our daily life, we are used to adjusting our breath according to the activities we perform. Gyrotonic is teaching you how to find your own breath and then optimize the movement into your own breathing rhythm.
Even if your goal is to recover from an injury, sculpt your body or enhance your primary sport performance, Gyrotonic can fulfill your own needs and welcomes every age and physical ability into its wellness world.

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Never underestimate your movement. Embrace the effort. Every movement is teaching you something new about your body that you didn’t know before.


Our passion for a holistic approach through movement and our strong motivation to create a space where people can explore an integrated movement from inside-out and have an immersive wellness experience, brought us together with the best professionals in their field.

Knosis Wellness is an established Physical Therapy Center of 9,000 sq. ft. with decades of experience treating and preventing pain. Their expert team incorporates state of the art equipment to analyze movement and restore function and performance.

Knosis plays at the intersection of scientific knowledge and inner knowing, offering physical therapies, products, and experiences that align and harmonize the body. Moving you from reactive to proactive by changing the perception of going to a physical therapist - when only in pain.

Christophe Marchesseau, the world-recognized Master Masseur, Physical Therapist and Osteopath. His 30 years of experience led him to develop his own comprehensive technique that is therapeutic, simple and holistic. Through synergy, he enables the body to get back on track and regain its posture, intuition, and growth. He is based in St Barth’s and travels in carefully chosen luxury hotels and palaces.

Angeliki's Philosophy

Angeliki was truly inspired when she began her teaching career by the affirming and motivating words of Bruce Lee on the topic "How to choose a martial arts instructor”.

That advice can be applied in general to mentors, teachers, or guides.

“Believe only half of what you see and definitely nothing that you hear.
Before you take any lessons from any instructor, find out clearly from him what his method is and politely request that he demonstrate to you how some techniques operate. Use your common sense and if he convinces you, then, by all means, go ahead.

Even if a friend recommends a teacher, you should find out for yourself whether that teacher is the right fit for you.
Sometimes we come to teachers who have written books or have received accolades for their teachings and believe that due to this outside validation, they have credibility as teachers. It is important to have a vetting process. The teacher needs to be able to answer the questions:

• What is your teaching?
• How do you do it?
• Can you show me? (Depends on the type of teacher)
• How will I benefit from this teaching?

Then let the answers sink in and ask yourself: does this make sense to me?

Just because the teacher is not the teacher for you does not mean that they are a bad teacher, just that the fit was not right.

These points are good for both teachers and people in your life:
Is it clear? Is it direct and simple? How does it make you feel? Do the actions match the words? When I’m spending time with this person is the energetic exchange equal and generous?

Sometimes we have teachers where all the energy is being sucked towards them. With a good teacher you should be able to go to them and they will share with you and want you to understand what you want to understand.

“How does one judge if an instructor is good?” Rather this question should be rephrased to read: How can one judge if a method or system is good?

The soundness of the system and not the instructor is to be considered. The instructor is merely there to point the way and lead his disciples to an awareness of the true feeling and expression of the system.
You want the teacher to be a good guide, but what is also important is that the material resonates with you.
Sometimes we get caught up in the cult of personality and not in the substance of the teaching.

The best teachers are engaged with their subjects and in turn through their passion on the subject help their students become engaged and interested in the subject.
Do not, however, be impressed by instructors who have brick breaking hands, invincible stomachs, iron forearms, or even speed for that matter. Remember, you cannot learn his ability, but you can learn his skill.

Do not be dazzled by the performance of a teacher. The underlying teaching is what is important, not the trick itself.

A generous teacher will not use tricks, such as withholding information, just to get you into their class. A generous teacher is excited, enthusiastic, and supportive of you.
A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.”.