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Each session is a part of a targeted plan that our experts have created to accommodate your unique needs and goals.
Our philosophy is to provide you with private instruction and make you feel comfortable without any distraction.

Our Training Style

1 on 1 Sessions.

The sessions can be Gyrotonic and/or Gyrokinesis.

We develop a training pattern that combines the benefits of both methodologies in order to create a multi-stimulating experience.


60′ or 90′ depending on each individual’s needs and availability

Consistency is the key to success. Gyrotonic reprograms the way you think about movement and breathing. We highly recommend practicing the method at least 2 times per week.


Focus Areas

According to the goals that we set during our assessment session, the training can be focused in:

  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Body Conditioning
  • Improvement of a specific trait
  • A mix of the above

Over the years, we have accommodated special requests from clients who prefer private instruction in their own environment.
Our services have gone beyond the ordinary by designing a plan for you to have your own Gyrotonic Equipment in your own space.

We acknowledge the challenging schedule and privacy requirements, and we are able to adapt to your daily routine.

Private Loft Gyrotonic Gyrokinesis Services


These Small Group Classes focus on specific subjects.
We bring together people with similar needs and goals and we create
a team experience.

Our Training Style

Small groups – Preregistration required.

Participants of these classes are on a similar level and even though this is a group class we focus on each one of you individually with detailed instruction of movement.


60’, 90’ and 120’ depending on the subject of each class.

There is rotation on the subjects and since there is limited availability, we highly recommend enrolling in our newsletter, in order to be informed and sign up in advance.

Focus Areas

Each Class focuses on a specific body condition or a specific type of injury, or even a type of athlete/performer.
The subjects can be:

  • Hip/Knee Mobilizations
  • Alignment and Posture
  • Decompression through Breathing
  • Dry Scrubbing
  • Professional Dancers – Lines and Connection.

We design Gyrokinesis classes for company employees so that they can increase the quality of their work and encourage team bonding.

Our program has been designed for people who sit or stand for many hours in demanding environments.

It helps to release stress, relieve lower back pain and cope with fatigue.

Our program goes beyond that by teaching how to sit correctly, adjust the working space for better ergonomics, correct alignment and energize through breathing.


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